Oh Happy Day! Antonin Scalia is Dead!!!

The repulsive, vulgar, foot soldier of the Vatican; a traitor to the United States who used his post as a Supreme Court Justice to enact the will of the Vatican upon the United States, is dead!

This is a joyous day for all man kind.

Rejoice one and all for he died alone.  As the minions of hell engulfed his soul it became evident to the dark creature that we all knew as Antonin Scalia that his hatred and decisiveness upon the human race had earned him an eternal place within the fires of hell.

Rejoice one and all!

Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline

Wake up folks!  The only reason why Obama rejected the Keystone XL is because the price of oil is so low that the Canadian pipeline companies would have gone bankrupt completing the pipeline.  The Canadian pipeline companies were very busy during the last month lobbying Obama to reject Keystone XL.

Behind closed doors he agreed to reject their pipeline.  Do you want to know why?  Because now that a foreign government, the United States in this case, has rejected approval of the pipeline’s construction, the insurance companies/underwriters of this project will now have to foot the costs of winding down the pipeline construction project.  With current oil prices, those Canadian pipeline companies will make more money from their underwriters than they will if they actually built the pipeline.

This is just another instance of Obama spinning the story, the reality, to make himself look like a savior when in fact he did exactly what the Canadian pipeline companies wanted him to do.  He lined their pockets with billions of dollars.

The real ISIS – Why the United States wants to destroy history

The United States created ISIS. Not by chance. In fact, ISIS was created, funded, and trained by the Pentagon.

In recent years, the United States has become worried of a global awakening that is allowing humanity to realize that we are not alone in the universe, that we have been visited by extraterrestrials over millions of years. Evidence of ancient aliens, if you will, is found all over the world but mostly in the Middle East.

The United States is desperate to destroy this evidence. The Pentagon’s reasoning is that without this evidence, humanity will not be able to make a connection to a past that the United States is desperately trying to cover up and erase from our history. For the history that they teach us, is not our history.

For thousands of years, the historical sites that ISIS is now destroying have gone untouched. Because they have never bothered anyone or anyone’s religion. Islam, for one, never had any issues with these ancient monuments. But now that the Pentagon has instructed ISIS to erase this history, even Palmira must be blown up.

They will attempt to erase everything that allows us to make a tangible connection to our extraterrestrial origins. However, they have no way of confirming that this knowledge is stored in our DNA and we will tap into that and humanity will realize our greatness beyond the chains that these governments are using to enslave us.

Never forget: The history that they are teaching us is not our history.

Windows 10 – Good God!

Windows 10, yet another monumental piece of shit from Microsoft!  Two weeks ago, I upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium, against all common sense!  I am still regretting that decision!

I have a kick ass laptop that 99% of you wish that you could afford.  This machine is barely 3 years old and it is the pinnacle of computer style and engineering excellence.  But here came Windows 10 and completely crapped it.

The machine works.  However, everything is slow.  I have 4TB of music alone.  Windows 10 can’t even read the file directory and play a song without stalling like a cheap Yugo from the 1980s.  What the hell is wrong with you Microsoft; well, other than severe incompetence!?!

To make matters worse, the machine’s disk is always spinning.  Something that it never did before the upgrade to Windows 10.

I am just glad that all of my files/data – all 18 TB of it – is isolated from this machine.  Although interconnected yet protected from the mess that Microsoft has built into Windows 10.

No wonder this Mickey Mouse cap OS was a free upgrade!


—Update:  My IT guys tell me that Microsoft has been desperately suppressing the public uproar over the mess that Windows 10 has turned out to be.  A process within Windows 10 called “Runtime Broker” is out of control and goblin up a bit over 30% of processor capacity.  Windows 10 can’t run properly without this mess in the background gobbling up 30% of the processor capacity and destroying system performance.

The pathetic City of Charlotte, North Carolina

Years ago, I bought a house in Charlotte, North Carolina to enjoy the “mild” winters and still be close enough to my home in Miami to not have to trek a whole day to come back home for the summers.  Over the years, I have come to realize that the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County actually, is a profound shit hole.

Without living here, you will never really grasp just how pathetic, rude, complacent, and violent southern people are.  These people are, for all intents and purposes, farm hands that are still scrapping the nasty mud off their shoes and somehow trying to fit into a modern world.  These people are still in the 1980s.  In fact, I am still surprised that I was able to get call waiting on my 704 phone line!!!  You should never challenge nor question their way of rationalizing their pathetic existence.  Case in point, the pathetic levels of local government.

Check out this mailer that the Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities Department (CMUD) mailed out with the water bill in the July 2015 statements.  In it, they actually brag that they are just now getting around to making improvements to their storm water infrastructure.  Now, how can they justify waiting 75 years to make a mediocre improvement to a storm water ditch?  It is not as if it rains more now in 2015 than it did back in the 1940s; or as if the soil absorbs less water now in 2015 than it did back in the 1940s.

CMUD - Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities - 072015

How can these complacent backwards southern mouth breathers actually think that waiting 75 years to make infrastructure improvements is acceptable? I do not have the answer to that because I do not think like them.  But what I do know, is that may some mythical god help you if you dare to question these smelly southern mouth breathers on their logic or reasoning.  These people are beyond comprehension.

So what exactly does CMUD do with the fortune in storm water fees that they have collected from every water meeter in the past 75 years?  It sure makes you wonder!  But you better dare not ask because you will have to run out of town if you expose the scams that these southerners are famous for.  I am sure that those storm water fees have been buying a lot of prostitutes and a lot of cocaine!   But I guess we’ll have to wait another 75 years for the local mouth breathers to investigate.

The Greek economic catastrophe

Today, Greece notified the world that their banks would not open on Monday; their stock exchange would remain closed as well because Greece needs billions of Euros to return liquidity to banks and their equities markets. Americans are not smart enough to realize what’s going on. Why Greece is affected by what is seemingly a small debt.

The reason why Greece is caught between a rock and a hard place is because they are members of a currency union – the Euro. See kids, when you are part of a currency union, you can’t just turn on the printing presses and print out $100 billion dollars. Heck, you can’t even print out $1 dollar. Only the central bank for the currency union has the authority to print currency. All members of the currency unit have to be in agreement. They all have to agree to print more money.

Such is not the case in the economic joke that is the United States. In the United States, the Department of the Treasury simply flips a switch and the printing presses start to churn out billions upon billions of US dollars. All fake, of course. But you have been conditioned to believe that the dollars that you hold are the world’s most stable currency.

What do you think would happen to the United States dollar if the United States, like Greece, was part of a currency union? Do you think that the Department of the Treasury could simply turn on the presses and spit out $100 billion dollars by this time tomorrow? Unlike the Greeks, if all Americans headed out to the banks tomorrow to withdraw our worthless dollars, the banks would not run out of money because the Department of the Treasury would simply turn on the presses and print some fresh fake currency.

That’s why I have absolutely no faith in the US dollar; because you can print it at will. You can’t have faith in a worthless currency that follows absolutely no controls. The Euro on the other hand, is controlled by a central bank and the laws of the currency union. The dollar, well, the Federal Reserve and the Department of the Treasury make it all up as they go along. In the United States, as long as we don’t run out of paper and ink, liquidity will for ever rain down upon banks and markets as fake dollars are printed upon request.

Stand strong Greece! Expose the Ponzi scheme that are the debt and currency markets.

Marriage Equality

Today, the United States became a stronger union of states, a stronger nation.  That my friends, pisses off our home grown anti-American terrorists such as William Franklin Graham III – evil spawn of Billy Graham.  I hope that he does the right thing and sets himself on fire!




What’s your FICO Score?

What’s your FICO score? Mine is 867.  I can walk into any bank and have whatever I want.  But why would I?  I have a bit over $220,000 in available credit (not balances) across 14 major credit cards – American Express, Discover, Master Card, and that other one!  I currently owe the $36 that I charged for lunch this afternoon.  It is called responsibility!  Responsibility is a term/concept that is foreign to many Americans.

Fico score