Top Resons Not to Live in North Carolina

I will add to these as life goes on….

  1. The state of North Carolina income tax is enough to tax you into poverty. In turn, you get nothing in return.
  2. All of the roads in North Carolina are 3rd world roads. There are better roads in Nicaragua…and they pay less taxes.
  3. The air quality in North Carolina will leave you thinking that you have moved to China. Our summer skies are gray and our air smells of industry.
  4. There is no such thing as Southern Hospitality. When we say “bless your heart”, we really mean: ‘your stupidity is a handicap’.
  5. Annual vehicle inspection. Amazingly, this is required for NEW cars yet clunkers from the 80’s and beyond are not required to be inspected. Oh, and the annual inspection might take a North Carolina slow mechanic more than 4 hours to complete!
  6. The people are slow. They think slow, walk slow, and work slow. They may take up to 3 minutes to walk out of an elevator!
  7. There is absolutely nothing to do.
  8. Taxes taxes everywhere. Did you know that in North Carolina we pay more sales tax than in New York City….NEW YORK CITY!!!!
  9. The worst school system in the nation. These kids spend years learning about North Carolina history but barely a semester learning anything about the world outside their zip code.
  10. Communist work ethic. These people enslave themselves to their jobs. They think that you have to sacrifice life and limb for your mediocre job and disregard your personal needs for the sake of your employer.

more to come…